Issues Facing District 5

roger2Like never before, our basic American rights and liberties are under assault. Every day one radical group after another seek to deny our free speech, take away our guns, and prevent our freedom of religion. It is ironic that you can go to a restaurant or go out in public, but we STILL cannot convene for a religious service at our community church.

I am running for Congress to ensure that these rights – rights that have been with us for almost 250 years – will continue for the next generations of Americans. Without those sacred and cherished rights, we will become just like every other nation on earth and America’s exceptionalism shall have been eradicated. We have been and must continue to be a country of law and order!

We need to make sure that we work to preserve those rights that were guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights:

→ Freedom of Religion

Our country was founded on religious freedom; most came from countries where state religion was practiced, and they sought out a place to express those freedoms.

As of now, most of us are blocked from attending church services. These services are the lifeblood for a community like District 5. We depend on our churches for spiritual growth and community connection. As Congressman, I will ensure that our communities most significant institutions remain open and are never shuttered again!

→ Protecting the Unborn

Roger is a lifelong supporter in the fight against abortion. His stance in protecting the unborn earned him the endorsement of United Christians of Florida.


→ Right to Bear Arms

Other than our religious freedom, our access to the right to bear arms is our greatest guarantee of freedom. We are the only country in the world that grants such freedom, and that freedom allows for us to protect our most treasured family. You can rest assured that I will NEVER fail to protect your right to keep you, your family, and your property safe!

→ Freedom of Speech

As Americans, we have been given the ability to have our voices heard. We don’t have one single entity that ‘speaks for us’ or ‘tells us what to say.’ We must continue to have our voices heard and not have them shouted down by an unruly mob of protestors.

→ Law and Order

America is great because no person stands above the law. No group or groups are allowed to act out to prevent our access to our freedoms. We must place our country firmly back into the bounds of law and order. We must continue to fight against illegal immigration and the many other forces which are currently seeking to derail our freedoms. Our sacred America is too important.

If we trade our freedoms for security, whether from a disease or for political expediency, we will end up without either freedom or security!

America of 2020 finds itself at a crossroads, we will either continue to expand our economic footprint and be a country of law and order, or we will fall tyranny to a mob that tells us what to think and what to want. We must continue to push for a less intrusive government that will allow for the greatest economic freedom because it is that economic freedom that will allow for the best outcomes.

→ Education and Economic Development

We need to invest in a first rate education system that becomes an asset to help the district in economic development. Two key components to improving our education system are the addition of school choice and a robust vocational education program that will offer real world skills for high school graduates.


Veteran health is extremely important to District 5, and Roger will work to ensure that veteran benefits & healthcare are delivered timely and efficiently.

God, Family, Country

 Roger Wagoner For Congress

Roger Wagoner for Congress
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Jasper, Florida 32052

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Roger Wagoner For Congress

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